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Esri is acknowledged as the world leading GIS operator, and they assist in creating global and local sustainable solutions. Esri technology provides access to knowledge and tools necessary to understand and analyse geographic information and make better decisions.  


Geocap provides mapping and modelling solutions for hydrographers, geologists and geophysicists. The Geocap platform offers a flexible 3D environment for visualizing and processing geographical, hydrographical and geological data.


Safe Software is the company behind the technology of datatransformation; FME. Safe Software assist organisations in handling challenges concerned various types of data and formats. FME is used by thousands of organisations around the world, within different industries, from local to global companies and organisations.  


Latitude Geographics has since 1999 delivered Geogortex software, which helps organisations in the start-up phase using ArcGIS Server. Geocortex Essentials simplifies and extends the potential of ArcGIS Server and makes it possible for developers and administrators to build and maintain map applications based on Esri's technology. Latitude Geographics was awarded Esri Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2010.