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Customer case studies

Would you like to know how other companies make use of GIS solutions? We supply mapping solutions and products to businesses in many different industries. Here you will find inspiration and ideas for how you can make GIS work for you and your organisation.

Maps Legionella for Fredrikstad's environmental health care

The Legionella outbreak in Østfold is one of the largest crisis situations to have faced Norwegian municipalities in recent years. In the work undertaken to map the spread of the disease and to determine which measures should be taken, Geodata has play...

Innovation and growth for the Lyse Energy Group

The Lyse Energy Group delivers different types of energy, such as electricity, district heating and gas, and offers broadband (triple play) and mobile telephony. Lyse Energy's vision is to simplify the everyday life of its more than 110,000 customers.

Long-term planning at Telenor

With the help of GIS from Geodata, Telenor compiles data from a range of different databases. With the Geodata Web Client, information is easily and quickly presented and analysed, based upon the group's accumulated basic data. This makes the group's...

Accurate search for tsunami victims

The search for missing Norwegians in Thailand in the aftermath of the devastating tsunami became much more precise once geographic information systems (GIS) were employed. GIS provided an overview of the assembled data and simplified the planning of ne...

Offering the best coverage

Over the past year, Telenor has replaced the equipment at their 10,000 mobile base-stations in Norway and, in 2012, they launched the next-generation mobile network; 4G. The result is a mobile network which can meet the needs of the future.

The long arm of the law stretches over the entire map

Oslo's Central Police Station is breaking new ground. Software from Geodata has helped ensure that police are deployed where the need is greatest, and this has led to a significant reduction of crime on the streets of the capital.

Seamless data conversions

Nord-Trøndelag Electricity Works and the City of Oslo's Water and Sewerage Works could save large amounts of money by making engineering projects both faster and better.

Trafikanten puts public transport on the map

An online interactive map and route-information system from Geodata provides a 24-hour information service for door-to-door travel. The result is a total of between 20,000 and 30,000 daily users.

Better maps for where you live

amedia has entered into an agreement with Geodata to supply maps of high quality to local newspapers and advertisers throughout the country.

Mobile GIS solutions provide increased level of service

Fredrikstad municipality is, with its 76,807 inhabitants*, Østfold's largest and Norway's sixth largest municipality, measured by population. For more than 10 years, Fredrikstad municipality has been one of Geodata's customers and has worked...

One map – a vast amount of data

Are you wondering where you can recharge your electric car in Oslo city centre? If so, you wouldn't be alone and now, with the help of a single map, it is easy for you to gain an overview of the location of each and every charging point in the city.