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We offer solutions that provide a unique geographical overview, regardless of whether you are offering insurance for homes, leisure activities, cars, boats, etc. By using our solutions, you will receive local knowledge about risks, demographics and real estate properties throughout the whole of Norway. In addition, you will receive tools which visualise potential and existing customers. This provides you with a unique competitive advantage which will enable you to win the right customers, at the right price.

Get to know your customers better

View your customers on a map which includes all types of risk information, and gain an overview of the insured units which are close to each other. This means that you will have the correct pricing model, adjusted for the individual customer.

Prospecting and risk-scoring

Use the map to obtain accurate and detailed knowledge of the local area for new potential customers. By quickly looking up an address, you will have access to up-to-date property information from Matrikkelen, accurate demographic data for the local area, and risk data. This means that you can easily identify whether a new potential customer is situated within a risk area or not.

If your competitors lack accurate local knowledge, you will gain an advantage which will enable you to win the right customers, at the right price.

Sound geographical tools for your appraisers

The map constitutes a clear and sound work-tool for the documentation and reporting of damage in the field. This provides for a seamless flow of information in the settlement of claims, and processing is simplified.

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