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Location Analytics - Real Estate

All real estate properties can be linked to a geographical location and can, in this way, be localised and visualised. In order to invest in the location and development-potential of a property, it is necessary to have an insight into questions such as: What is the local area like? Which businesses are already established in the area of interest? Does the property have easy access to good public transportation? What is the price of property in the area? Who lives there and where do they do their shopping?

Location Analytics for Real Estate provides you with the answers to such questions, enhancing your ability to make decisions when you want to purchase, rent, develop or manage real estate properties.

A detailed knowledge of the location of a property enables you to perform analyses which are based on facts. Such fact-based information includes: taxation data, demographic composition, population projection, established businesses in the area, and so on. By means of the visualisation of real estate properties, Location Analytics for Real Estate makes collaboration between departments and systems possible. Properties can be linked to systems such as FDV and CRM. This enhances your real estate portfolio by providing you with:

  • An overall visualisation of letting contracts and their status
  • A good overview of necessary maintenance work and its status
  • Tools with which to model the potential of prospective properties

The various elements of Location Analytics for Real Estate combine to support your decisions and to help you to face commercial challenges which, in turn, contributes to improved commercial results.

Location Analytics for Real Estate can help your business in the following ways:

  • Location Analytics for Real Estate – online: Internet-based analytical tool that gives you full control of the issues which surround a property (Who lives here? How much do they earn? Which businesses are already in the local area?)
  • Planning/ Development/ 3D-visualisation: Visualise how the building would fit in with its surroundings before you make the decision regarding development
  • Market analysis: Advanced analyses to underpin decision-making
  • Relocation analysis: If you're thinking of relocating your business and would like to see how this would affect your employees
  • Establishment analysis: If you plan to establish a store and want information concerning competition and the consumption patterns of local residents
  • Sales and purchasing: Fact-based information from reliable sources (such as SSB, Brønnøysund and Matrikkelen)
  • Prospecting: Which property has potential and what should be developed here?
  • Management: Overview of your real estate portfolio in relation to letting, maintenance, planning and visualisation.

Overall, Location Analytics for Real Estate provides you with the ability to make sound and informed decisions. This means that you are equipped with better working tools for such processes as purchasing, selling, and the development and management of real estate properties.

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