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Do you plan to establish a new store? Or do you want to analyse how well a store is performing? Or do you want to assess whether it is located in the right place? Our tools utilise maps and location-information in completely new ways, so that you are able to produce a sound foundation for your decisions by using geographical insights into the market.

Each year, we help hundreds of businesses with establishment and relocation, using our analyses as the basis. By examining demographic factors, assumptions can be converted into hard figures, making it much easier for you to make an informed decision.

Establishment analysis

Our tools help you to identify new and attractive areas in which to establish your business. Amongst other things, we have detailed knowledge of your competitors, population density, demographics, and existing businesses and trade conditions.

Visualise your customers on a map

By visualising your customers on a map, you will gain an increased understanding of your catchment area. This makes it easier for you to cond ct targeted marketing and real product-profiling.

"At McDonald's Norway, we don't undertake a single establishment before Geodata has performed an analysis for us."

Ole Røttereng Director of Supply Chain Management & Development, McDonald's Norway

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