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Wouldn't you like to be one step ahead of your competitors? Our solutions would provide your business with a competitive advantage by helping to link your internal work processes with external data sources, such as demographics, address information, and so on.

By assembling and visualising this information in a way which transcends the boundaries between different departments and systems, you are able to make better and more-informed decisions, whether they apply to sales, customer service, marketing or infrastructure.

Amongst other things, we can help with:

  • Tools for the detailed planning and management of fibre-infrastructure
  • Solutions for the prospecting and localisation of geographically new and attractive markets
  • Solutions for sales in the field (door-to-door) and direct reporting of sales to management

Contact us

  • Toni Mikkola

    Toni Mikkola

    Technical Advisor

    Tel.: +47 416 03 479

  • Morten Andre Hjallum

    Morten Andre Hjallum

    Key Account Manager

    Tel.: +47 900 83 290