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National security

Preparedness and crisis-management are of crucial importance to society. The government's responsibility in this area is entrenched in the Soria Moria declaration, emphasising the need for the efficient use of national resources in order to cope with unforeseen events.

We offer solutions for coping with key challenges concerning data-sharing and collaboration, based upon open international standards and tools which are customised to the end users.

The Armed Forces

Esri technology is currently used in a wide variety of areas within the fields of defence and intelligence-gathering. Our extensive experience of, and wide-ranging expertise in, the application of GIS for Norway's armed forces, combined with our...

The Police

GIS is extremely valuable in all aspects of police work. The continued increase in responsibilities and a growing pressure from both the public and the authorities, places huge demands on the police and their work. GIS helps to maximise the exploitatio...