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The Armed Forces

Esri technology is currently used in a wide variety of areas within the fields of defence and intelligence-gathering. Our extensive experience of, and wide-ranging expertise in, the application of GIS for Norway's armed forces, combined with our knowledge of their needs, provides us with a sound foundation with which to assist the various stakeholders within this sector.

The application of geographical information within the military and intelligence organisations has never been of greater importance. Not only do our solutions provide a more accurate and reliable foundation upon which to base decisions, we also offer a single infrastructure which allows for the construction and distribution of GIS solutions between different parts of the organisation. This opens the door for new, non-traditional user groups, who have previously had neither insight nor access to geographical information.

The majority of Norway's collaborative partners have standardised their Esri software, and our solutions provide crucial support for decision-making which is exploited in several different areas:

  • Military operations abroad
  • Management of military buildings and facilities
  • Management of firing ranges and training areas
  • Management and production of military geography

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    Morten Grude

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