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We help petroleum companies meet business goals throughout the organization, and in all parts of the value chain. Powerful analytic tools help users see relationships and patterns, answer complex questions, and make better and more informed decisions. The power and security of the Esri ArcGIS platform gives everyone in your company valuable geographic insight to find prospects, build infrastructure, maintain assets, plan projects, help partners, and manage risk.


During the exploration process, understanding the link between various information is essential. Maps and GIS are powerful tools in this process. Find your areas of interest by combining knowledge with geographical and cultural data. Visualize your...


After the discovery has been made, a complex research begins. How can we transfer the petroleum safe and effectively from the reservoir to the refinery? This process involves large investments, and you need to evaluate the use of both new and existing...


The production phase is complex, hectic and constantly changing. In one web app, you can see production numbers, work orders, people, installations and the weather situation. Create a common operational picture to increase efficiency and to help your...

Health, safety and the environment

Both personnel and the environment are vulnerable. During all operations both offshore and onshore, it is important to focus on HSE. When combining different information in a map, it is easier to make well-informed decisions when time is of essence.