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The production phase is complex, hectic and constantly changing. In one web app, you can see production numbers, work orders, people, installations and the weather situation. Create a common operational picture to increase efficiency and to help your organization save time and money.

Create a production overview

Combining different data sources in a map will give you a better understanding of the situation. With basemaps and real-time vessel traffic (AIS), weather info and live sensor information, your production becomes more understandable to the people involved, and your work safer and more effective.

Monitor the production in a common operation picture

With Geographical Information Systems (GIS), you can create and share web maps including real-time data. This secures an up to date information flow both onshore and offshore. With a common operation system containing live production numbers from third party real-time sensor networks, you can assist and monitor the production with a full geographic overview.

In a hectic situation, a fast responding tool is important, regardless of where people are and what device they use. In case of an incident the data and sources will be of great value to your HSE-specific common operational picture.

Share your information in an easy and intuitive way

Web applications are easy to use, regardless of GIS knowledge. It’s a perfect way to share the production status and results with your colleagues and partners.

Use web maps to show investors, the press or other stakeholders the risks and consequences related to your planned production field.


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