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After the discovery has been made, a complex research begins. How can we transfer the petroleum safe and effectively from the reservoir to the refinery? This process involves large investments, and you need to evaluate the use of both new and existing infrastructure.

Image: Nexans Skagerak

Placing all the components is a comlex procedure, affected by many factors. It is crucial that all parts have the correct information available, and put into a context.

Creating the overview

Subsea operations require more from maps, plans and visualization than similar work onshore. Different data types and sources need to be analyzed and compared prior to every decision. Map solutions gathers all factors into a system and deliver a common platform for all stakeholders.

Better decisions using geographical analyses

Maps bring information into context. Right after the discovery has been made, map solutions can support the development process through visualization and geographical analyses. You can calculate the distance to the closest existing infrastructure and expose possible conflicts with vulnerable areas. You can plan and design the whole installation, find the optimal route for new pipelines based on inclination and soil condition, and analyze large amounts of data from a site survey. GIS is your eyes subsea when developing a field.

Image: Pipeline planning

Monitor the development process in a common operating picture

What is the development status? Combine basic map data with images and real-time data from the field. When using interactive maps, all parts involved can communicate through the map, whether you are offshore or onshore.

Share your development plans

Web apllications are easy to use, regardless of GIS knowledge. You can visualize different projects alternatives, plans and status related to the development process, and share with colleagues, investors, contractors, partners and the press.


  • Infrastructure routing and cost estimate
  • Planning, visualizing and analyzing the Site Survey
  • Impact assessment study
  • Fint optimal rig and anchor position
  • Find optimal placement of subsurface infrastructure and installations
  • Map centric planing tools
  • 2D and 3D visualization of plans

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