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The municipalities have responsibility for a wide range of tasks, record keeping and providing essential services to their citizens. The modern situation is such that the inhabitants expect better services in a society that is becoming increasingly complex.

ArcGIS for municipalities helps you to gather, and acquire an overview of, your valuable data in order to gain a better understanding of today's challenges, to visualise the consequences and to plan for an improved everyday life for your citizens.

Environmental and societal development

We live in a society which is changing. A steadily increasingly number of people must share dwindling resources. Our climate is also changing and this must affect the way in which we plan – in terms of our use of land, how we design our transport,...

Education and youth

Municipalities manage the valuable infrastructure related to kindergartens and basic education, and also organise assistance for the disabled and those with special educational needs. In addition to guidance and the co-ordination of records,...

Culture and leisure

Sports facilities, walking trails, leisure clubs, libraries, cultural heritage sites and cinemas all represent meeting places which facilitate interaction and co-operation which can transcend generational boundaries. From a municipal point of view, bot...

Health and welfare

Services such as home help, home nursing and kitchen services are all provided to citizens by municipalities. With limited funding, municipalities must employ smart solutions so that their resources will stretch as far as possible.

Regulation and technical operation

Municipalities manage the high-cost infrastructure within the fields of roads, buildings and construction, water and sewerage, parks, fire and rescue, street-cleaning and refuse collection. The increasing pressure on effective land-use, the...