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Environmental and societal development

We live in a society which is changing. A steadily increasingly number of people must share dwindling resources. Our climate is also changing and this must affect the way in which we plan – in terms of our use of land, how we design our transport, housing and building projects, and it also impacts upon agriculture, culture, sport and outdoor life.

In order to be able to make sound and effective assessments and decisions, a map can be of invaluable help, allowing us to gather and understand information from both the current situation and historical trends.

A map can also help you to examine, analyse and visualise different scenarios during the planning process. It also plays an important role in increasing participation/involvement in the democratic process by providing the basis for consensus in the decision-making process.

ArcGIS can help by providing powerful and multifeatured tools that allow you to compile, analyse, and share information with relevant parties in a simple way.

Some of the areas in which our solutions can help your municipality:

  • Documentation and visualisation of urban development
  • Analysis of living conditions
  • Visualisation and planning of urban design
  • Risk and vulnerability planning and emergency preparedness
  • Facing environmental and climatic challenges
  • Surface-water and flood analysis
  • Administration and sharing of land-use plans – democratisation
  • Map and thematic data management and sharing
  • Mobile solutions
  • KOSTRA reports
  • Land-use and transport planning with the ATP-model

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