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Regulation and technical operation

Municipalities manage the high-cost infrastructure within the fields of roads, buildings and construction, water and sewerage, parks, fire and rescue, street-cleaning and refuse collection. The increasing pressure on effective land-use, the higher-density of the infrastructure, increased demands from the public, and a climate that is changing all represent increasingly complex and demanding challenges for the municipality.

Geodata AS has market-leading solutions for the management, compilation, integration into work processes, analysis and sharing of information, which facilitate the efficient and high-quality resolution of related tasks. This provides good opportunities for better decision-making and an optimal utilisation of investments.

Powel AS, as the leading supplier of technical services to municipalities in Norway, with 275 municipal customers, is Geodata's preferred partner in many of these areas. Powel will be migrating their solutions over to Esri's ArcGIS platform.

Some of the areas in which our solutions can help your municipality:

•    Efficient management of water and sewerage network
•    Prioritisation of conductive networks
•    Oil tank/environmental management in sparsely populated areas
•    Customised mobile apps
•    Increase the efficiency of processes
•    Simplify updating by means of simple solutions for insight and registration of business data
•    Snow-clearance mapping and tracking of clearance status

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