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We provide solutions which map, manage and exploit information relating to infrastructure which is crucial to the functioning of society. Maps and geographic analyses provide a unique overview of resources, facilities and assets. This contributes to more-efficient operations and provides an improved basis for decision-making for projection and development.

GIS is used in everything from large public bodies to smaller, private actors in the industry.


The largest airports in Norway are comparable to small towns, with wide-ranging work duties and areas of responsibility. An airport consists of a complex infrastructure that is located above, below and on ground level. Air travel is subject to...


A geographic information system (GIS) provides a unique overview of your infrastructure. This will help you to identify the equipment which is in most urgent need of maintenance, the environmental impact of a proposed new line, or information about...


Our maritime solutions increase the efficiency of management processes and provide for better decision-making by means of analyses of rich data sources. An example of our customers is the Norwegian Coastal Administration, which has established a nautic...