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Oil and Gas

The Geocap Oil & Gas package is used by geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers, either as a primary system or as a supplementary tool. By using Geocap one has a great source of functionality and can achieve very high productivity and efficiency in practical work.

The list below represents a major list of features that are available in Geocap for the oil and gas exploration. Read more about the features on Geocaps website.

  • Mapping and presentation graphics
  • Gridding of points, lines and faults
  • Surface and reservoir layer modeling
  • Volumetric
  • Seismic interpretation and display
  • Stacking velocity handling and analysis
  • Velocity cube generation and manipulation
  • Depth conversion of surfaces and seismic
  • Cross sections of reservoirs and layers
  • Updating reservoir zones from well data
  • Lookup functionality and multiple lookup curves
  • Drainage areas and flow analysis
  • Prospect and risk evaluation
  • Grid attributes and scalar mapping
  • Extremal value analysis
  • Well planning
  • Well log display combined with seismic sections
  • Image georeferencing
  • Display of 3D grids (Ecplise and others)
  • Plotting
  • Combining grids using ramps
  • Calibration of seismic

More information

For more information visit Geocaps website

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