Cloud native meetup by Geodata and friends

Geodata hosted a cloud native meetup in Oslo on the heels of the pandemic. Finally we were all able to meet and greet, break bread and talk bout tech.

Publisert: 09. juni 2022 , i DevOps & Cloud Native

Over 60 people attended the event to listen to talks from Geodata, Urban Sharing, Proactima and Lånekassen. The general theme of the event was experiences migrating to or running workloads in a cloud native environment.

First up, Anders Østhus treaded the waters of how tracing works, explained in detail about the different standards that exist, are in development and in general talked about current adoption and the state of the community and standardization of tracing specifications. A very interesting talk on how observability can be improved in a increasingly complex operations enviroment.

Anders Østhus presenting at Cloud Native meetup
Anders Østhus talking about tracing
Duane Henriksen in the crowd at cloud native meetup
Duane Henriksen in the crowd

Next up, we had Duane Henriksen from Lånekassen explaining how Lånekassen migrated from pet-VM's running windows workloads to running workloads in kubernetes. A daunting task considering Lånekassen had no prior experience in either kubernetes or in a linux operations environment. A great talk on how technology choices, organization culture, project management merges together into what we consider parts of the DevOps movement.

Food server during cloud native meetup
Food prepared by the chefs at Dugurd

After the first two sessions, Geodata's in-house chefs had prepared some food and drinks and we all got to know each other by eating together and sharing our own experiences operating and developing software in cloud environments. Once the dust had settled, it was time for another talk.

Berge Schwebs Bjørlo presenting at cloud native meetup
Berge Schwebs Bjørlo giving us the lay of the land

Our third presenter of the evening was Berge Schwebs Bjørlo from the micro-mobility startup Urban Sharing. He showed us their journey from a brick-and-mortar data center in the cloud - to gradually embracing the managed services of Google Cloud Platform. He also shared a lot of his own thoughts on both managing complexity and striving for simplicity in an operations environment.

Ray Skoog at cloud native meetup
Ray Skoog explaining what it takes to calculate pod-level costs precisely

Lastly, Geodata's operations engineers Pål Kristensen and Ray Skoog shared both the method and practical examples for how Geodata calculates pod-level costs. As Geodata provides managed solutions in a multi-tenant k8s cluster for their customers - it is vital to control and understand costs. As such, calculating costs down to single workloads is leveraged to support Geodatas various business models. Ray spent some time explaining the pitfalls and implementation details of this unique approach to cost calculation.

Pål Kristensen at cloud native meetup
Pål Kristensen giving an introduction on who Geodata is

For us at Geodata we're grateful for the overwhelming response and attendance to the event. We're looking forward to host similar events in the future, and we almost can't wait for the next time we can get together with the local tech community to discuss technology and learn more from each other. A huge thank you goes out to the presenters, and attendees that made this a very successfull and vibrant meetup. Our marketing team made recordings of all of the talks, which will be available on Geodata's youtube channel for your enjoyment. Cloud native meetup playlist

Until next time,
Platform Devops Team at Geodata AS.